250 000 dogs and cats tortured every 6 months in China including Shanghai and Beijing!

This is the number of dogs and cats tortured every 6 months "only" in China, not only in countryside but in Shanghai and Beijing too !

No need to mention the total in Korea and Romania ...

Restaurants are one of the main source of the problem ...

Prohibit dog's meat in restaurants would solve the problem by 60% !

Rescuing stray dogs from streets would have a big impact on this cruel market !

One mission rescue dogs and cats from meat market and increase adoption

One big mission !

· Rescue dogs from meat market
· Increase adoption
· Spay and neuter dogs and cats
· Policy change to end the meat market and fur traffic

If everybody hand each others, it will really stop once for all.

❛ Adopting an animal is saving a life ❜

Without you, we would not be able to rescue all these dogs and cats,
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Help rescuing dogs and cats from the inhumane meat festival and meat market in 2018.
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90% of people said: I did not know about it !

Inhumane and Cruel act are often hidden, does not mean that we must ignore it
Thank you for your awareness