trendy jacket hip hop style made from dog fur sold in USA and europe and Canada

Dogs and cats skinned alive and no laws to stop them


The only reason why this chinese business exist is because people buy it, simple as that

They take stray dogs, remove fur by hand, sell it for $1 usd (6 RMB) to factories and resell the trendy piece of cloth at over $100 usd…

China is famous for their low cost but at what price !


The Challenge

The only reason why the fur business exist in China is because people still buy fur in fashion stores   Animals Skinned Alive and Nobody to Stop Them Did you know that 1000’s of a animals are skinned alive everyday for their fur?  Cat and dog pelts sell for about US $1 each and every year, 2,000,000 cats and dogs suffer a horrific death, skinned alive .In China, there are fur farms, where animals are raised just for their fur. The sad part is that are skinned alive.  Some are still breathing for 5 to 10 minutes after they are brutally beaten and their fur taken off them, all bloody, laying their just looking at you. They are dying a slow, painful death.   Animals of all types have their heads bashed with sticks, metal rods, and many other blunt objects before being SKINNED ALIVE.  Some are hoisted in the air by their back feet in order to have their heads pounded on the ground, very few die that way.  They too, are then SKINNED ALIVE. After being SKINNED ALIVE, they are tossed aside like garbage to die a horrific and painful death. In China, cats and dogs who were once someones pet are stolen from their homes just to be shoved in tiny cages.  These animals are compacted so tightly that their little feet hang out and once they arrive at the factories, the cages are thrown from the tops of trucks with the animals inside, like sacks of garbage.  In these scenarios, the animals legs, backs, and necks are broken and injured.  They will suffer great pain with no veterinarian care before going to slaughter. This must Stop! No animal needs to die this way.  They are living, breathing creatures. We need to tell the Chinese Government to stop this brutal attack on these animals.  The animals have no voice so we must stand up for them and speak for them. We must stop the fur trade with China and other Countries that condone this unthinkable act.


The Solution

  1. The Chinese people need to be educated on Animal Rights.
  2.  Boycott all products from China.
  3. Introduce Severe Penalties to enforce the legislation.
  4. Send  A clear message to the world that so long as the Chinese government permits the trade, China is not fit to take its place as a leading nation and certainly not one that is entitled to any trust or respect.
  5. Remember Tiananmen Square. Let’s make this another Tiananmen Square – this time, for the animals. Please sign the Petition. It’s the First Step in Our Fight!”


An example at WINNERS store

real dog fur sold at winners shop


At the left side, you can view the cloth tag. When it comes from China, it means this is fur from dogs or cats.

At the right side, this is one kind of dog they kill for the fur. Look like a racoon but this is a dog found in China


Here another example from a famous brand named ARITZIA

Unlike what we think, this kind of clothe is very famous among 20 years old people and over but nobody would believe where the fur is really from, might be too taboo to talk about it ? At least we know now that it has been very painful for that dog to get “his/her” fur removed for that trendy jacket. It is all about education, if we knew it, we would not buy it, right ?



There are stores near you selling dog and cat fur that you don’t even suspect !

(Such as Winners, Walmart, Jacob, small street shop and so on…)


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