Photo of a restaurant at dinner time with dog hot pot in a restaurant in Yulin, Guangxi province.

Hell is coming soon for animals in China

Hell is coming soon for animals in China

Soon, on June 21th 2014 in China, Yulin, Guangxi province to be exact. Dogs and cats must run away as soon as possible if they dont want to end up in one of the most inhumane festival of China !

Seems so difficult to end this festival even with the pressure of  animal activist around the world and even animal welfare organization.

The situation is more than dramatic. For us, animal organization, it’s like we rescue 1 animal and another one is being killed on our back. It’s so difficult to manage the situation. The problem is again about belief. Chinese people cherish the summer solstice tradition. (To prevent offending some Chinese people, i need to specify that not every citizen of China are agree with this festival, mostly people in villages are agree). Residents of Yulin consider the festival an ancient summer solstice tradition. Many cherish their city’s dog meat culture, which involves the mass consumption of dog’s meat hot pot served with lychees and strong grain liquor. That’s why the festival is named the “The lychee dog festival”.

They kill every single dogs with no exception. Male, female, child, babies, new born, every one of them. Even pregnant dogs ! (it’s hard to believe some people are agree with this but that’s the truth)

Do you wonder how many animals are going to be killed during this festival ? The answer is over 5000 dogs !

Residents of a small city in southern of  China plan to hold an annual dog-meat festival on Friday amid intense criticism from animal rights groups, which have denounced the one-day event as unsafe and inhumane.

Dogs are mainly stray dogs and include lot of kidnapped dogs from owners (Stolen dogs are cruelly slaughtered with wooden bat and sold to restaurants at very low prices, like the one above in the photo). Lets mention that so many of these poor animals are sick and carry rabies and other contagious diseases. Imagine, these chinese eat meat with virus. It’s important to note dog’s meat and cat’s meat are shipped to other countries as well which means virus like SARS and many others travel outside China.

For the moment, all we can do is to rescue dogs and cats as much as possible. Recently we have noticed some people working in the underground meat market was following our blog in Chinese, they knew the moment (date) and where we will act. For that reason, we will stop to explain the way we rescue animals and posting dates as well. Just to make sure we can keep the activities.

This is the latest photo we can show you, not easy to watch but that is the truth. You can have an eye from our camera in China. if you see these picture, it’s picture we have rescued them.


Is there a way to end this ? The answer is yes. The only way to decrease the meat market and even end it and ban the dog’s meat festival is with pressure on the government, signing petition, volunteers and donate to get more space to rescue these poor dogs and cats.

Of course it will end someday, it is a matter of time and until that situation is completely fixed, we must help and act. The secret to succeed in China if you want to end an animal situation is by following the law. If somebody is enough strong or have enough connection to enter the politic, laws can be establish.

Mommy and babies are all dead

Mommy and babies are all dead

Even cats at the meat market to supply restaurant.

Even cats at the meat market to supply restaurants. Poor them, they were walking freely on streets of China few days ago when they got stolen by the underground mafia groups

Rescued and injured dogs

Rescued and injured dogs from cages and beaten. See how it was painful for them

A dog almost dead over dead dogs

A dog almost dead over dead dogs (no food and water for at least the last 5 days with the 40 degrees sun light on their body all day)

A new baby born

A new baby born try to go back her mommy (we rescued this little baby with the others)

dead babies dogs

dead babies dogs, stuck in crowded cages without water and food for few days…

new born dog died

new born dog died

over crowded cages of dogs for the dogs meat festival and restaurants

over crowded cages of dogs for the dogs meat festival and restaurants

Tiny view from our camera of a large amount of cages crowded of dogs

Tiny view from our camera of a large amount of cages crowded of dogs. Can you recognize 2 very famous breed on that picture ? It’s easy to see which dogs have been stolen and which are stray dogs. in either way, it is not acceptable. Why Chinese government allow this ? (Lets not use the word “government” too much or we will be ban from the Chinese web)



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