Poor dog boiling alive in China

Chinese Torture for superstitious healing power ?

QUICK FACTS Over a million Animals will die the most painful death in the next 24 hours in China only ! Every month just in China alone, 250,000 animals are hanged for their meat 10,000 dogs and cats are kidnapped from owners each month for their meat and fur skin Sadly, China and Korea are […]

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Stray dog sleeping on garbage

Stray dogs and cats in Asia, there are solutions !

QUICK FACTS 36,000 Stray Dogs Killed in China every few month Most of people think they are contaminated with the rabies virus which is fals Governments allow mass killing every year by hitting them with big stick basebal bat…     China, Romania, Korea… stray dogs and cats are never welcome, they are treated like […]

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Photo of a restaurant at dinner time with dog hot pot in a restaurant in Yulin, Guangxi province.

Hell is coming soon for animals in China

Hell is coming soon for animals in China Soon, on June 21th 2014 in China,¬†Yulin, Guangxi province to be exact. Dogs and cats must run away as soon as possible if they dont want to end up in one of the most¬†inhumane festival of China ! Seems so difficult to end this festival even with […]

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