Stray dog sleeping on garbage

Stray dogs and cats in Asia, there are solutions !


36,000 Stray Dogs Killed in China every few month

Most of people think they are contaminated with the rabies virus which is fals

Governments allow mass killing every year by hitting them with big stick basebal bat…



China, Romania, Korea… stray dogs and cats are never welcome, they are treated like garbage !

Unfortunately, in some area, its obvious many chinese don’t have any emotions toward animals, i must say even no feeling at all. Most of them wont even look if a dog lay down on the street showing his skinny ribs. Its a problem in the education but lets stay positive, we all can show them what is right or wrong without Pretentious attitude.

Stray puppies are regularly caught in the street to be roasted alive in this market. You see a lot of dogs limping, because they got hit by a car.  Some drivers who see a street dog may also decide to crash into it on purpose because street dogs are viewed as a hassle.

The number of stray cats and dogs in Beijing has increased dramatically in recent years. Many are thought to have belonged to pet-owners who tired quickly of the novelty of having a pet and let the animals go or they belong to people who moved to apartments in which pets were not allowed. Around some apartment complex the number of stray cats has jumped form near zero to 70 within a couple years.

All lives deserve respect, even if they are homeless and uncared for dogs.  We have to solve the problem of stray animals. It is necessary for the authorities to find its root first. There are two kinds of stray animals: those that lose their way and cannot find their home and those that are abandoned by their owners.

There are legal and humane ways to keep the number of dogs under control. Sterilization is easy and safe way to do that.  Dogs and cats loiter in streets because of irresponsible people who drive them away for one reason or the other. Pet ownership should come with responsibility.

Could some tax money and private contributions be put to the use of sterilizing these poor creatures?  A government program to encourage the spaying and neutering of cats and dogs would help keep the overpopulation of these animals at a minimum.

small stray dog maltese, is it possible such cute dog is homeless ?


 stray dog with no food



  • We regularly go on streets to search for animals. Once we find dogs or cats, we bring them back to our center (450 stray dogs and 120 stray cats last month). By doing this, we prevent mafia and underground market to grab them on the streets for restaurant and meat market. By making a donation, we can built more centers which means more rescued animals and more adoption.

adopt stray dogs from China


  • Every year, we try to increase our “Spay and neuter animals campaign”. If you donate, we can increase the number of operation of dogs and cats taken from the street. Assuming they can not reproduce themselves anymore, the amount of stray animals goes down at an incredible speed !
  • Join the “rabies vaccination campaign”. Each year, not only us, some organization create mass vaccination against rabies on streets in China. Soon we will move to Romania as well.
  • If you can not come to China but you still want to help, you can donate, your donation will be used to buy vaccine.

We often rescue stray dogs and stray cats to prevent them to be kidnapped for the trading meat market. But the only home they have is ours. They would be more healthy and of course happy if you adopt one of them. Planning the transport by flight from China to X country is not complicated. We will help you to make sure the animal arrive to your home safely.

And its getting more and more common to see foreigner adopting animals from China or any other Asian country.

  • Propagating the word “adoption” to your friends instead of buying them in Pet Shop will help all animals on earth who needs to be saved, not only in China.



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