Poor dog boiling alive in China

Chinese Torture for superstitious healing power ?


Over a million Animals will die the most painful death in the next 24 hours in China only !

Every month just in China alone, 250,000 animals are hanged for their meat

10,000 dogs and cats are kidnapped from owners each month for their meat and fur skin

Sadly, China and Korea are the biggest dogs and cats meat eater but Vietnam are now ordering large quantity of stray dogs from China for the meat as well



The Challenge

Why do people torture animals?  For meat the majority of the time.  We have heard horror stories here in America where Chinese restaurants have been shut down for serving cat and dog meat and also horse meat.  To us, this is not normal but in China and Korea, it is.  They must be stopped and we have to join forces to do it.

Pretty soon, other countries will follow and more animals will die a senseless, painful death.  Most people simply look the other way.  If more people were to pay attention, some of these animals, could be saved.  This is shameful and appalling to treat animals in such a barbaric and inhumane manner. It is so hard to believe that any human being could inflict such pain and suffering on another living and sentient being.

Every month just in  China alone, 250,000 animals are hanged for their meat. 10,000 dogs and cats are kidnapped each month for there meat and skin. Chinese believe that when they beat the animal to death or cook them alive, the meat will give them more power to keep their body warm in the winter, help their kidneys to function better, and promote virility and sexual functions.  China and 20 other countries are known to eat dogs and cats.

They steal dogs from owners on the streets and kill them every day by hanging them from the neck to the ceiling until they can not breath anymore and die in vain after 7 long minutes of suffocation.

The pictures I have seen of some of these animals stick in your mind.  You never forget the suffering they are going through.

Every day they transport living and half dead dogs to GuangdongGuangxiHebeiJilin Province and the whole north eastern part of China, and supply for the “Huajiang Dog Meat Restaurants” and to the “Yulin Dogs and cats meat festival“.


Are those good reasons to do that?  The Chinese people believe that it is! They believe it’s normal because we eat cows and pigs but there is no comparison.  It’s not normal, especially to hurt a poor defenseless animal that way.


The Solution

Yes, there is a solution as for China and Korea.

They do not deserve this. They are living breathing being just like us and should not be treated like this. It has to be stopped and it has to be stopped now!!!

We have to band together to make sure this cruelty stops.  Organizations have been fighting to stop this since 1995. In 2008, the Chinese Government passed the law to stop dog and cat trading and preventing the restaurants from selling and promoting these animals on their menu.   After much complaining from the restaurants, because they were losing much revenue, the Government stepped back.

We as the voice for animals cannot stand back in all good conscience and close our eyes to this incredible cruelty that is happening to dogs and cats in China.  We are not an activist, we are simple people just like you who can not accept this situation anymore but without help from local people and from other countries’ people, we wont be able to stop this.

If we band together and put pressure on the Chinese Government, to pass that law once again, some of the abuse might stop.

The AGORG team needs the help of everyone.  They cannot do it alone.

Since they started, over 3700 dogs has been saved.  That might not seem like a lot, but every little bit helps.

We have to educate the children at school that this is wrong, build centers to get the dogs and cats off the streets to safety, spay and neuter the animals, educate people near restaurants and festivals and work with the Government.

Here how Chinese mafia kidnap dogs



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